Current Operations - Investments

MFX Solutions LLC


In 2005, a group of prominent industry organizations including Calmeadow, ACCION International, the Calvert Foundation, MicroRate, and Global Partnerships among others pooled together their resources to establish a vehicle which could address foreign exchange/currency risk. In January 2008, MFX Solutions was organized as an institution dedicated to providing microfinance lenders knowledge and affordable hedging instruments to mitigate currency risk. MFX Solutions tailors its currency risk management plan to fit the needs of microfinance institutions (MFIs) and their clients, taking a multi-pronged approach which provides access to appropriate hedging instruments for small lenders, training and educations to MFIs to properly use financial market tools, and designing pricing and allocation policies that maximize benefits to the microfinance industry as a whole.

In October of 2010, MFX proudly received two awards: the G-20 SME Finance Challenge, which recognizes the most promising model for catalyzing SME lending to developing entrepreneurs, and the award for Most Successful Product Innovation at the Microfinance Recognition Award held in Washington, D.C.