Current Operations - Investments

AfriCap Microfinance Investment Company


Building on a successful experience with ProFund and our growing expertise in African microfinance, Calmeadow and ACCION jointly sponsored the establishment of a US$13,500,000 microfinance investment fund and a US$3,000,000 Technical Services Facility to support African microfinance institutions (MFIs). AfriCap began operations in October of 2001. In 2007 AfriCap increased its capital base to US$50,000,000 and was reconstituted as a permanent investment company: AfriCap Microfinance Investment Company.

The Company�s operating base is in Johannesburg, South Africa with a team of microfinance professionals. The investment strategy is similar to that of ProFund. AfriCap seeks appropriate returns on its investments while contributing to the legitimization and expansion of sustainable microfinance throughout the region.

AfriCap is uniquely positioned among other funds in that its operating base is in Africa, close to the markets in which it invests. Furthermore, AfriCap focuses its experience and human resources, both at management and board levels, exclusively on Africa. AfriCap is one of the few private equity players in Africa positioned as a value-added investor, investing in early stage or growth microfinance institutions as a significant minority investor.

In addition to providing institutional development support to a number of prominent industry players in various countries where the Company works, AfriCap�s Technical Support Facility has successfully managed industry development and broad social programs such as the FERLO project, the AfriCap Network Project, the HIV/AIDS project and the Kumassi Metal Workers environmental project.

AfriCap Assessment:

This study authored by Grassroots Capital Management and sponsored by Calmeadow, the Financial Inclusion Equity Fund, Norfund, and Fintech Africa, aims at assessing how the governance was conducted. The study evaluates strategy setting and resetting, investment decisions and portfolio management from the standpoint of the primary forces that comprise governance of the fund: the Board and its committees.

It also explores what aspects of the fund�s structure and governance were most influential. Was governance conducted appropriately and did the Board and its committees, as well as the Investors/Shareholders, conduct themselves according to the mandate of AfriCap? The study explores these and other questions, collecting information and perspectives through interviews with AfriCap managers, staff, board members and investees, and other, publicly available information.

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