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Address: Oficicentro La Virgen No.2, Pavas, San José, Costa Rica.

Alex Silva
P.O. Box 769-1005, San José, Costa Rica.
(506) 2220-4122
Georgina Vásquez
P.O. Box 769-1005, San José, Costa Rica
(506) 2220-4122

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For Supporters:
Those interested in following developments within the microfinance sector are encouraged to refer to the C.G.A.P. website, Recent papers are generally available on line from the CGAP Gateway section on their homepage. Topical publications are also available in hard copy format from the website.
Calmeadow�s success as a microfinance pioneer has been possible due to the generous and much appreciated support of our donors and volunteers. Changes made in late 2000 at CALMEADOW and our stepped up emphasis on direct investment in emerging microfinance institutions has meant that, for the time being, we are not actively soliciting donations. Our donors deserve both our thanks and the recognition that their generosity has made a great deal of difference to the lives of many thousands of people, both here in Canada and abroad, while enabling Calmeadow to remain a pioneering organization.

Those still wishing to support our activities may certainly do so. We will ensure that any donation will be appropriately directed towards further enhancing the effective development of a vibrant microfinance sector. Donations should be sent to CALMEADOW, P.O. Box 769-1005, San José, Costa Rica, Attention: Alex Silva.