Technical Support Facility


ELF's investors along with ELF's managers, Omtrix, recognized a need for exogenous risk preparedness and response among its member MFIs. Thus, the $780,000 technical assistance program called TSF was launched in 2005 to bring that technical know-how to ELF's pre-selected MFIs. Expert consultants worked with the MFIs in developing disaster or crisis response plans and tools. The first phase of TSF, completed in 2009, reached 51 MFIs in 13 countries. TSF 2, which operated from 2009 - 2011, reached 13 MFIs in 7 countries with total committed funds of $280,000.
The Caribbean Technical Support Facility (CTSF) was introduced in 2006 to meet the nuances of Caribbean exogenous risk. The program reached 21 institutions in 10 countries with $600,000 in committed funds. For a more detailed look at the TSF and CTSF method, tools, and lessons learned, please download our publication "Exogenous Risk Management in Financial Institutions That Serve the Most Vulnerable Sections of the Population."

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